Tips for Running an Effective Meeting

Most important of all is that you follow the general outline of the flip book. The meeting model in the flip book is one of the essential keys to best results and healthy chapters in all of PRE. Weak adherence to the flip book will produce weak chapters, I guarantee it. Experience has shown us that breaking the meeting into 3 major segments leads to strong, effective meetings.

Open the Meeting and First Segment

The first segment of the meeting is important, as it sets the tone for the whole meeting. The President should be organized, prepared and focused on being the visible competent leader every chapter needs. The President’s Meeting Checklist document covers many of the details that need attention.

In this segment you should acknowledge guests as in the Checklist. You should also do New Member Packet Presentations by Membership Chair, special announcements, etc. Then infomercials around the room, including officer job descriptions from the written sheet if you have guests or new members less than two months experience in PRE. The identity of the “Glad Hander” is announced and defined for guests and new Members.

Time allotment for 1st segment: 25 min from Pres. start of flip book statements, assuming the meeting starts on time, which you all do, right?

Weekly Featured Member Speaker

This should begin with a short recap of the coming speaker schedule, making sure the next week’s speaker knows of the speaking oppty. Then an UTD intro form should be read by the Program Chair and the Speaker begins. Note: A strong suggestion for the Sgt.@Arms: Use some form of time countdown for the speaker. Minutes remaining cards are good, including a STOP card. The best Sgt.@Arms count down the speaker to leave room for Q & A by speaking with the presenter ahead of time. Otherwise sometimes the speakers gets the STOP sign and then asks for Q & A which overruns this time segment. Complete segment time: 20 min.

Passing the Bucket

This segment is where referrals and one on ones are announced, testimonials given and gratitudes from any area of life shared. This is where the typical chapter does the attendance tix along with the referral tix. It’s extremely important that the President emphasize the need to say something positive. At the very least, each member can compliment the presenter for something. The phrase “no referrals today” is forbidden in the highest performing chapters.

Meeting Close

The meeting control returns to President. The following sequence is important for a strong meeting ending. Now is the time to invite other business announcements, meetings, other housekeeping items, etc. During this time, the Sec’y tallies the referral count for the week. 1st Gen and 2nd Gen announced separately, along with one on ones reported. The Pres. should check to make sure the Sec’y is ready, then call for the referral report. Then perhaps a last call for announcements.

Finally the last two items in this order

Weekly motivational thought and the flip book Primary Benefits list. The motivational thought should almost always come from the provided list. If you allow members to use another source, it’s not always handled well, nor is the information highest and best. It’s important that the last things people hear that will stay in their thoughts is the benefits list and the unselfish attitude which the best PRE members exhibit so well! Time value for part 3 and close: 15 min. This will take you right to the hour limit of formal meeting, with the 1st 15 min always for arrival, greeting others, etc.