Referral Profile List Tutorial

The aim of Professional Referral Exchange is to help every member achieve maximum results in giving and receiving referrals. Preparing and using a thoughtfully created Referral Profile List is a best practice for every member. Providing this tutorial is just one example of how PRE brings added value to your membership.

Keep in mind that building your Referral Profile List is an essential tool for having a strong 30 sec. infomercial each week. Furthermore, sharp members always bring their Referral Profile Lists to their one on ones and review each line item with their one on one partner for clarity of understanding. Increased 2nd gen. referrals almost always follow.

When a person gives a referral request, the more specific the description, the more effective the request. The more general the request, the less likely your fellow members will be prompted to think of someone to tell about you and what you offer. Here’s an example of a poor request: A skin care and cosmetics person says “a good referral for me is anybody with skin.” While this may be true, it’s a very poor request. A much stronger request would be “a good referral for me this Summer is a person you know that sunburns very easily. I have sunblock products that are strong, yet gentle to the skin.”

When building a Referral Profile List, consider all the specifics of the type of person or company you are seeking. It could be a new customer, it could be a person to host a gathering of friends to learn about you and your company. It could be asking for someone that’s interested in adding a new income to their household. The list goes on and on. One item on many members’ list is a request for an introduction to a company or specific person in a company that the member hasn’t been able to contact.

The key is to commit some time and thought to creating your List. The length of the list will certainly vary from member to member. But the key is to care enough to do your best. All members that have built such a list will gladly testify to the value and usefulness of their List.

Also keep in mind, as your product/service list changes, or your own marketing emphasis might change, so could your List. It’s best to view your List as a living document that should be reviewed and updated as needed from time to time. The sharpest PRE members review their List at least once a year.

Our website, has a Member Resources section with several example Referral Profile Lists. Visiting there is most worthwhile for you in doing this project. As we are confident that each of you wants to do your part to get highest and best results from your PRE membership, becoming more familiar with the many features that are available at the site can enhance your results. The login & password for the Members only section can be furnished to you at any time via email if you have lost your record of it.

So last of all, PRE encourages each and every member to create a Referral Profile List. It is simply good business to do so. And if you’re one of those who have already done so, congratulations! But don’t forget to revisit and update your list as needed.

Referral Profile List Template

* If you have letterhead stationery, using it here is an enhancement to your list

The top section should contain your benefit statement which you have developed for your weekly infomercial. The PRE Corp. statement is “We help companies develop auxiliary sales forces called Chapters.”

Next should be your actual referral profile list, with specific definitions of each prospect/client/customer type that you can think of, as described in the tutorial section, Page 1 of this document. Numbering your list, with a space between each one is a good way to format the page. It could look something like this:

Great Ideas for Referrals for United Artists Salon & Spa

  1. Anyone looking for a great new haircut and/or color service. We have 30 different hair stylists with various price levels and experience, so there is someone to “fit” everyone. We have 3 color/cutting educators on staff so we can even correct less than perfect work done elsewhere or at home with box color.
  2. Any woman with curly/wavy hair that wants to go straight and frizz free without flat ironing their hair every day! A Keratin treatment may be what they need. Can last up to 6 months. We also offer Brazilian Blowout services for similar results. Consultations always free!
  3. Any man looking for a little extra pampering and to step up and out of their barbershop and experience a haircut in a salon! You will be glad you did!! The Scalp Massage at the shampoo bowls rocks!!!
  4. Any man or woman with unwanted hair – arms, legs, backs, bikini area, lip, chin… waxing for temporary removal or laser hair removal for permanent results.
  5. Anyone that is looking for a bit of relaxation or that has back aches and wants those knots worked out- we have 1 female massage therapist and 1 male therapist, that offer therapeutic, relaxation, deep tissue, and hot stone massage therapy. Never had a massage and are a little timid? – then try our 5 – 30 min chair massage while fully clothed for back, shoulders, arms and neck. Only a dollar a minute! Once you try that- you won’t hesitate to move on to the massage table for the real thing! The massage therapists can also come to your office for on site chair massage sessions.
  6. Tired of trying to paint your own nails and not get marks, less than perfect polishing or a bad back from bending over to reach your toes- then a manicure (hands) or pedicure (feet) may interest you. A Shellac manicure will last perfect for 2 weeks! (For Natural nails) Or our newer Brisa system for not so perfect nails that need more help.
  7. Very dry chapped hands? – try a paraffin dip! (hot wax for your hands that helps lock in moisture) Ask about your first one free while you are in the salon.
  8. Getting married or know someone who is? We can accommodate the bride and her entire wedding party in the salon. We participate in ongoing classes on the latest in bridal trends and do all hair and makeup for the top 3 bridal shows in the area. We also will go to the bride at her chosen location!
  9. Using Suave still in your shower/tub? Then step into the world of professional hair care products. Your hair really will thank you for the ingredients that it has been craving and not getting and you will see the results in how your hair behaves for you each morning. No more bed head! We carry many different professional lines for men and women in shampoos, conditioners and tons of different styling products to make your hair do pretty much whatever you want it to do! We have a rewards program and even take “Ulta’s” coupons! Our rewards program keep track for you and you get $10 off after $100 spent!
  10. Looking to pamper the one you love? We offer ½ day and full day pamper packages including a catered lunch. We offer gift cards for ease of giving!