Properly Preparing Your Invited Guests to PRE

  1. Make sure you arrive before your guest so that you properly host the person.
  2. Help your guest meet members by working the room together as you greet fellow members before the meeting begins.
  3. Make sure they bring enough biz cards, etc. Instruct your guest about passing to the left and let the members distribute the cards.
  4. Be sure to sit together if at all possible. This gives you opportunity to explain details such as 1st & 2nd gen. referrals, attendance ticket and other points as they arise.
  5. Most important of all, prepare your guest to have the most effective 30 sec. infomercial possible. Guest unpreparedness is a reflection on the inviting member. We who are experienced take 30 sec. infomercials for granted. But many times guests who are ill-prepared fumble this opportunity and look unnecessarily bad. Actually the member looks bad to the rest of us for not doing the guest preparation job right when the member ought to know better. So help your guest make the most of his/her visit and make sure you look good to the rest of us. Prepare your guest properly and everybody benefits.