pre presidents meeting checklist

This list is compiled to help Presidents and others who run meetings to cover all essential points during the weekly meeting. The list is always subject to update and modification.

Before meeting:

  1. Assign Mission Statement to be read. (remind reader to stand to read it)
  2. Assign weekly motivational thought. (remind reader to stand to read it)
  3. Designate opening prayer person after Pledge of Allegiance (If done). If doing the prayer, be sure to announce name of praying person (if done at your chapter).
  4. Make certain referral bucket is ready to be used
  5. Discuss with Sgt. @ Arms the timing parameters for the various meeting parts today
  6. With Membership chair and Hospitality Chair, make sure guests are prepped for introduction and infomercial (with proper time limit)
  7. If guests/new members are present, officer’s job descriptions should be read (method varies)

At start of meeting:

  1. Be sure to obtain guest sign in sheet
  2. While standing, as you read the facts about PRE, spread eye contact around the room. This helps establish control of the meeting and alerts you to persons not keying in on the meeting.
  3. Unless you have a vision problem, do not hold flip book, it presents a less professional appearance if you hold it instead of reading from it as it stands on the table top.
  4. Use early moment for housekeeping items such as event announcements, cell phone ringer, reminder about behavior, etc.
  5. If no guests in attendance, if possible spend an extra moment polling membership about guests in the pipeline, target categories, etc.

Meeting segment pointers:

  1. Infomercials: Remind members of time limit and the additional mentions expected of them… sharp, focused infomercial, referrals given, testimonials, gratitudes & 1 on 1’s.
  2. Weekly featured member speaker segment: be certain that time limits are honored, including Q & A.

Close of meeting

  1. Have Sec’y announce referral report, split into 1st/2nd gen. numbers.
  2. Have weekly motivational thought read.
  3. Acknowledge guests as per flip book.
  4. Close with primary benefits, spreading eye contact around the room.
  5. Emphasize importance of last point! (giving)