PRE Policies

PRE policies herein are taken from PRE By-laws and addendums as modified from time to time.


PRE places high value on regular attendance. All members are expected to be committed to the weekly meeting. If a member is not able to attend, prior notification is expected to be given to the Vice President who is in charge of attendance. PRE by-laws stipulate that any member that misses two meetings in a row or three meetings in any calendar quarter has his/her membership status reviewed by the board of directors. Expulsion is possible.

Dress Code

PRE, being a professional organization by its very name, expects all members to present themselves in a groomed, professional manner. Generally speaking, shorts or tee shirts are not allowed at weekly meetings. The rule of thumb is that all members would dress in “business casual” or above.

Criteria for Meeting Location

PRE weekly meetings, because of the very nature of our activities, require a private room. In every possible situation, PRE weekly meetings are to be held in high quality, clean and bright facilities. The PRE policy of prepayment of chapter dues for weekly meetings is to be upheld in every chapter. Any exceptions to chapter location and dues payment policies require approval by Area Director or above.

Name Badge Usage

One practice in PRE is the expectation of every member to be properly identified by the consistent wearing of the engraved name badge. This is part of professional conduct. It enhances the assimilation of new members. It also creates a guest-friendly atmosphere for non-members who are in attendance. Any member with out his/her official name badge is expected to obtain and wear a hand written sticky badge which is always available at the guest sign in station.

Competing Applications

Should it arise that multiple applications are being considered for a single category in a PRE chapter, the membership chair, in concert with the Board of Directors, will review each application to determine which applicant is best suited to be allowed to join. From time to time there may be granted to each competing applicant a short (maximum 5 minutes) presentation to the board that would help determine the outcome.

Meeting Cancellation Policy

In the event of inclement weather, weekly meetings are subject to cancellation. For chapters holding breakfast meetings, if the school district in which the meeting is held is on a two hour delay or more, the meeting is canceled. If the weekly meeting is at midday, the meeting is subject to cancellation if the local school district is on early dismissal. But the lunch meeting chapters do not cancel automatically. The decision should be by agreement of the majority of the elected Board members.

Cross Chapter Monthly Visits

The following protocols are to be observed for PRE members wishing to do cross chapter visits. 1st of all, visit the chapter page at of the chapter you want to visit. Note the meeting information there. 2nd of all, contact the President or Membership Chair of the chapter. Introduce yourself and confirm your category is open, or the visit mustn’t happen. Also find out during that contact how much you should pay as the meeting cost for your visit. Have the money ready in cash to put in the basket when it comes around. Be sure to take along adequate business cards to distribute to everyone during the infomercial round.

Member Transfers

Should a PRE member wish to transfer to a different chapter, the request for transfer must be approved by both chapters. The departing chapter must confirm the transferee is in good standing regarding local dues and has healthy relationships in that chapter. The incoming chapter must receive a new membership application, after which the approval procedure is the same as approval for any other applicant. Note, chapter dues should be refunded and charged appropriately on a pro-rata basis.

The Area Director(s) must be consulted for approval as well. The incoming chapter is then responsible for advising Corp. of the change for record keeping. The transferee must pay the transfer fee of $50. which is payable upon approval. This fee covers new name badge, change of chapter affiliation and update of member business information.