On Line Referrals & Smart Phone Link

To get started, go to www.prenetworking.net

1. If this is your first time visiting the application, please login using the email address
that is used in your business listing on the PRE website. When asked for your
password, select “lost your password” and follow the instructions to get a password.
This will become your permanent password for the PRE site.
2. After you log in, the next screen will give lead you through the referral process.
3. When the referral is submitted, a record of the referral will be sent via email to the
giver and the receiver.

Placing Icons on Smartphone Screens

These are the steps for setting up a link to PRE web site. After completing the
instructions, you will have an icon that functions the same as if it were an app.
Instructions follow for both Android and iPhone. Use and enjoy.

Here are the directions for placing an icon on the Android home screen:

– Open your Chrome app
– Go to www.prenetworking.net
– Tap the three dot “Menu” button beside the address bar
– Tap “Add to Home screen”
– Name the web page what you wish

Here are the directions for placing an icon on the iPhone/iOS home screen:

– Open up Safari
– Go to www.prenetworking.net
– Click the box with an arrow
– Tap “Add to Home Screen”
– Name the web page what you wish

Rev. 01.25.22