Mentor Chair

Mentor Chair Script

I am (your name) and the (your business category) for this chapter. As Mentor Chair, I help new members with orientation and training in PRE policies and procedures. I coach members in developing an effective 30 sec. infomercial and to be prepared for Featured Member Speaker opportunities. I also assist the Board of Directors in developing Chapter growth strategies so that all members have every opportunity for success in PRE.

Overall responsibilities for the Mentor Chair

  • New member orientation
  • Helping members who are not doing well (new and existing)
  • Focus of the Week (in some chapters) : Example. Spotlight a fellow member who needs help with referrals from the chapter
  • Work with the Membership Chair to help members effectively recruit new members. i.e. “who’s in your pipeline right now?”
  • Included when board members are introduced
  • Encourage one on ones
  • Summarize the “focus of the week” at the board meeting
  • Occasionally schedule member development segments using PRE material or other approved resources

As needed:

  • Mentoring in one on ones or small groups
  • Working with Secretary to stay on top of referral results
  • Specific to low givers – encourage veteran members to meet with low givers, helping them to recognize referral opportunities
  • Specific to low receivers – coaching/mentoring on 30-second infomercial and more one on ones

** Note: Not every chapter will have the Mentor Chair do exactly the same things. As with nearly all PRE matters, this list is organic, a work in progress. Suggestions and ideas for bettering the Mentor Chair function are always welcome