Chapter President

President's Script

“Good morning. Welcome to the (Name of your Chapter) Chapter of Professional Referral Exchange. My name is (Your name, I’m the ) (Your business category in the Chapter) for this Chapter and its President. We begin our meeting by reading our Mission Statement. I’ve asked (Name a member) to read it today”

Overall Duties of the President:

  • Presides over meetings and activities of the Chapter.
  • Opens weekly meetings at THE AGREED UPON TIME promptly. It is important to begin your meeting AT THE SAME TIME EACH WEEK, ON TIME!
  • Follows a structured meeting procedure. (Area Director periodically evaluates how well Chapter follows format.)
  • Chairs all board meetings held minimally on a monthly basis with the Area Director attending these meetings with minutes recorded by Chapter Sec’y.
  • Assumes responsibility for (or appoints persons to) committee positions that have not yet been appointed by the Chapter organizing Director. Re-appoints officers or committee chairs in accordance with PRE Organization By-Laws.
  • Oversees the responsibilities of other board members and committee chairs.
  • Names Glad Hander at each meeting.
  • Handles guest conflicts during introductions.
  • Makes member announcements. (open houses, etc.)
  • Concludes the meeting promptly.