Increasing Second Generation Referrals

The key for improved second generation referral activity is based on a few simple practices for every member:

  1. Get all your fellow PRE members and their businesses embedded in your mind. A good way to do this is to review your chapter membership roster at least once a week and go over all your fellow members’ categories. Ponder, meditate, and consider all ways which you can help each person.
  2. Obtain from each of your fellow members “a good referral for me would be” referral profile sheet. Get these profiles into the same memory bank in your mind as your chapter roster. Additionally, a best practice many members use is purposely taking notes during weekly infomercials to aid this process.
  3. Everywhere you go, keep your radar on high alert to recognize someone who fits these profiles. Keep a sharp ear to hear comments that suggest referral opportunities. Keep a sharp eye to spot signs, posters, bulletin board flyers or even objects in homes or offices that remind you of goods or services offered by fellow members.
  4. Develop the habit of keeping your PRE business card wallet with you during your workday. You will be surprised how many times you’ll be giving out your fellow members’ cards if you have the wallet with you… but don’t neglect the practice of making sure the prospect is expecting the call from your fellow member.
  5. In weekly meetings when you announce referrals, state # of 1st gen. and # of 2nd gen. referrals, which will help heighten everyone’s consciousness of the importance of going beyond just first generation.
  6. Remember that referrals in PRE generally have an incubation period before hatching. Patience and giving unconditionally always bring the best results. Referrals received are most often like crockpot meals, not microwave meals. (And think about which meal tastes better!)
  7. Be willing to give to others first. It will always come back to you multiplied