Hospitality Chair

Hospitality Script

“I am (Your name) and the (Your business category) for this Chapter. As Hospitality Chair, I greet everyone and arrange tables for guest information and our members’ brochures and flyers. I also explain our meal ordering procedure.”

Overall Hospitality Duties

  • Arrives 20 minutes before the meeting begins.
  • Sets up a table for a business card holder, brochures, name tags & guest sign-in sheet. (Should be positioned at entrance door for the meeting)
  • Sets up a second table for display of member brochures and materials.
  • Provides each guest with a temporary name tag and ensures each guest signs in.
  • Explains to members and guests the meal ordering procedure, when applicable.
  • Gives the guest list to the President at the beginning of the meeting.
  • Monitors the hospitality table for late-arriving guests.
  • BUSINESS CARD HOLDER: Maintains the appropriate number of cards in business card rack for each member and ensures that each member is displayed.
  • Maintains Chapter supplies in an orderly manner within the Chapter box. Re-orders forms from PRE when needed