Guest Invitation Script

Prospect Contact Script

Hello, (prospect’s name) my name is (your name). Thanks for taking my call. I’m a member of Professional Referral Exchange. Have you heard about us? (If he/she answers YES; your reply = GOOD. If he/she says NO, your reply = WELL) In either case, proceed with the rest of script as follows.

I’m not sure that what we do would be of benefit for you (prospect’s name). Does “word of mouth” advertising work for your business? (If he/she says YES, continue with script. If he/ she says NO, thank them and HANG UP.)

Script continues: “OKAY, I would like to invite you to be my personal guest at our next meeting so you can determine how exchanging referrals will help your business increase.

We meet on (day of week)
Beginning at (time) sharp
At (location)

We bring professionals together on a weekly basis to exchange business referrals and make money! Within each Chapter we allow only one person who does what you do, so you get all the business for your particular category. Now that you know more about us, are you able to attend our meeting?

GOOD. Please bring plenty of business cards, brochures about your products/services, and be prepared to give a 1-minute commercial about your business. I am looking forward to meeting you on _____________ (meeting day).

A follow-up process should always be used when inviting new guests to visit your Chapter.

  • Call each prospect the day before the meeting to confirm
  • Give a list of those you know are attending to the membership chairperson beforehand.
  • Each PRE member follows up with his/her guests in coordination with the Chapter membership chairperson.

Remember, it’s one thing to be in PRE.
It’s another thing altogether for PRE to be in YOU!