Diversified Businesses/Category Overlap

PRE is about teamwork. Supporting and encouraging each other and introducing fellow members to your sphere of influence through qualified referrals is what we do. In order for a PRE chapter to thrive and its members to be successful, there must not be any sense of competition, either real or perceived.

The primary benefit of being a PRE member in comparison to other networking organizations, is that we allow only one person per business category, there is therefore no competition between members for referrals.

In today’s world, many businesses are diversified and may encompass several traditional business categories. The following policy has been developed to maintain PRE’s core ideals and provide a structure that will ensure equality and maximum benefit for PRE members.

  1. If there is no one else within your chapter that holds a category that may be in conflict with the secondary service(s) that you provide, you may promote the secondary service(s) during chapter meetings and functions that are directly related to the category that you own.
  2. If more than one member within a chapter provides a specific secondary service, those members will, with Board of Directors oversight, seek agreement among themselves and choose one member to promote the secondary service during chapter meetings and functions. If agreement cannot be met, the Chapter President and Area Director will consider the matter and make a decision in the best interests of the chapter.
  3. At such time that a new member joins the chapter and holds as his primary category the same as a secondary service that an existing member provides, the existing member will immediately cease the promotion of the secondary service during chapter meetings and functions.

This policy applies only to the promotion of products and services during PRE meetings and functions and does not restrict any member from providing any of his products or services while engaged in normal business transactions with members and/or referrals.