Dealing with Absenteeism

Identify the challenging member in a group.  

  1. If a member is not at a meeting make sure he is notifying the VP before the meeting to ensure “excused absence” status.  
  2. Ask the chronic absentee person about why they are absent so often, and explain the risk of termination of membership. 
  3. As good an idea as a warning letter may be, it should be the last resort. 

What does the absenteeism do to a chapter?  

  1. It hinders chapter growth.
  2. It diminishes the opinion of other PRE members that make the meeting week after week.  
  3. Cause and effect, if he/she doesn’t come then it is ok for me not to also.  


  1. Talk to the individual and explain why his presence is important.  
  2. Discuss solutions to absenteeism. Ask that he send a person to fill his seat, i.e.: coworker, family member, or other networking professionals.
  3. Be assumptive when he calls you “okay, who are you sending as your replacement?”