Closing a PRE Prospect

It’s always a good thing to do a follow up with a first time guest after a PRE weekly meeting. Having a conversation with the guest immediately after the weekly meeting is the best timing. The experience is fresh in his/her memory, making the person’s attitude (hopefully) warm and friendly.

First big question: The question used in the weekly meeting script that asks “What did you like best about the meeting?” is still the best opening for such a f/u conversation. Even if the person running the meeting asked that exact question, you can ask it again word for word, or you can gently rephrase it if you would care to do so. After the guest states what he or she liked best, an excellent response is to repeat back to the person in your own words the same thing to affirm his/her opinion. For another few moments, continue to ask the guest more questions that pertain to that person’s work, career, etc. People almost always like to talk about themselves, so in asking about him/her, you further establish a positive frame of mind. You should be making eye contact, nodding your head affirmatively at the person’s comments and generally show interest in the person.

Second big question: “Taking their temperature” After the guest has spoken for a few minutes, it’s the time to move the conversation towards asking for a decision. A great way to gauge the guest’s interest in becoming a PRE member is to ask this: “On a scale of 1 to 10, what would you say your interest level is in joining PRE?”

If the guest says 6 or below, the likelihood of that person applying or becoming a good member is minimal. If the guest says 6.5, 7 or 7.5, that person has genuine interest and you should continue to spark more interest in the value and benefits of being in PRE. If the guest says 8 or higher, that person has had the light bulb come on and just needs help with details about the application process, etc. One exception might be if the person has genuine interest, but sees obstacles. We have another fine document that covers answering objections to joining PRE. It is available in the Members Only section at

Third big question: “Mr. Guest, do you have another moment for us to review what we expect from you as a PRE member?” It is essential for an applicant to be made fully aware of our expectations of him/her. Otherwise a new member might join and afterwards feel blind sided by being accepted into the chapter and THEN find out what commitments are expected. Yes, the commitments are spelled out in the body of the app and yes, an applicant initials these points. But experience has taught us that most people sign off on the points with little thought or regard for the implications of these points as a member. The up front communication of the three commitments helps get a person started off right.

This is where the Three Commitments Conversation can/should take place. If the guest doesn’t have the time now for more information, encourage them to return next week (unless the reply to the temperature question was 6 or less) and ask the guest to review the guest pack information before next week so that you can go into more details at the next meeting.

PRE protocol after two visits: Nearly all PRE chapters have a policy that a genuine member prospect may attend two weekly meetings, after which the guest is asked to make a decision about applying to join. We are seeking people who are decision makers, who have interest and motivation about coming into PRE. We find that if a member prospect can’t make a decision after two visits, that person is not likely (of course there’s exceptions from time to time) to do well in PRE. So here is PRE protocol after two visits. If the prospect is viable, encourage the person to return the third week with a completed application and to have method of payment ready. Explain there is a review process that usually takes just a few days, almost always before the next weekly meeting after the application is received.

Mastering the information here, the Answering Objections document and The Three Commitments document should equip you for best results in converting PRE guests to members.