Chapter Treasurer

Treasurer Script

“I am (Your name) and the (Your business category in the Chapter) for this Chapter. As Treasurer, I pay the Chapter bills and give quarterly chapter dues invoices to you 2 weeks before the end of each calendar quarter. Chapter dues are collected in advance of each quarter and paid by all members whether they eat or attend meetings. Please submit your check to me before the first meeting of the new quarter. Make checks payable to this Chapter.”

Overall Treasurer Duties

  • Opens new bank account under Chapter name (i.e., PRE of Lancaster).
  • Bills and collects quarterly chapter dues. Bills are given to members 2 weeks before the end of each calendar quarter. All members must pay their fees by the first meeting of the new quarter or a delinquent charge of $5.00 per week is assessed.
  • Announces to members that PRE membership renewal fees must be kept current with PRE to retain their active status.
  • Pays all chapter expenses including socials and other Chapter events.
  • Keeps appropriate records of funds deposited and withdrawn from checking account and balances monthly bank statements.
  • Submits monthly bank statements to President who, with one other board member, reviews for accuracy and signs off.
  • Upon change of Treasurer of Chapter or every two years, whichever comes first, there is to be an audit of the Chapter bank accounts. This is to be done jointly by the incoming President and another Board Member.