Chapter Sergeant At Arms

Sergeant-At-Arms Script

“I am (your name) and the (Your business category) for this Chapter. As Sergeant-at-arms, I control the timed segments of our meeting and monitor the professional fees each week. The purpose of the fees is to fund Chapter activities.”

Overall Sergeant-At-Arms Duties

  • Maintains order at weekly meetings.
  • Circulates referral bucket.
  • Reminds members of professional fees:
    $ .25 No guest
    $ .25 Missed Glad Hander
    $ .50 No name badge
    $ .50 No business card holder
    $ .50 No referral (2 per Month Minimum)
    $ 1.00 Arriving late to meeting
    $ 1.00 Cell phone ringing during meeting
    $ 1.00 Per minute for president running overtime
    $ 1.00 Leaving meeting early
    $ 5.00 Per week for late meal fees
    $ 5.00 No show speaker without 72 hours notice to Program
  • Monitors these time limits: guest 1 minute commercial, each member’s 30 second commercial and the 15 minute member speaker time slot.