Chapter Secretary

Secretary Script

“I am (Your name) and the (Your business category in the Chapter) for this Chapter. As Secretary, I record the number of referrals that are given and received by each member and submit the totals to PRE for our monthly report that contains a scorecard. The report is circulated to members and guests.

There are 2 types of referrals. A 1st generation referral is when we use the products or services of a fellow member within our Chapter. A 2nd generation referral is when you refer a person outside your household to a fellow member of our chapter. Each member is asked to give 2 referrals per month. The white copy of the referral ticket is given to the member receiving a referral, the yellow copy goes in our bucket and the pink copy is for your follow-up.”

Overall Secretary Duties

  • Tallies and reports weekly referral results orally to chapter when called upon by President
  • Takes minutes at board meetings and handles appropriate Chapter correspondence.
  • Provides referral information to PRE for Monthly Referral Report with monthly count of all referrals given and received. Compiles this information and submits report to PRE no later than the 6th of current month for the previous month’s totals