Becoming A Better PRE Member

Your Success in getting business from the members of your Chapter will be in direct proportion to how actively you refer business to them

  • In sales, it doesn’t matter whether your customer is in operations or customer service, you know very well that a little extra information about your customer can often make or break the sale.
  • It’s a cardinal rule in sales to learn all you can about your prospects when attempting to acquire their business. The same holds true when acquiring referrals for your fellow PRE members.
  • If you don’t know the answers to these questions and others, you are not yet the strongest referral source you can be for your fellow members.
  • To maximize your effectiveness as a member of Professional Referral Exchange, you should know as much about your fellow members as possible. When thinking about other members, ask yourself these questions: “What is his speciality?” “An ideal prospect for her is…?” “What are like/dislikes he has in terms of doing business with others?” or “How far will she travel?”i

Successful Practices To Become a Better PRE Member

Listen. “No… Really listen!” When someone is giving his infomercial or presentation, give him your undivided attention. LOOK AT THE PRESENTER! Be interested. Be courteous. Use this opportunity to learn what your fellow member needs for his referral.

Take Notes. Unless you can remember everything the speaker says, it is a good practice to take notes when speakers give their presentations. It shows you are interested, and you want to have this information for future reference.

Do one on ones. Take a member to lunch. Let her know you want to learn more about her business and help her achieve her success also.

Call five of your Chapter members each week. If only for a minute, or perhaps to ask how he is, or what his hottest selling item is for the week, you are building a stronger relationship with him. Keep your calls brief and to the point, and soon you’ll have strong relationships with everyone.

Give a referral! Expect nothing in return! The fact is nothing will generate referrals for you faster than giving them to fellow PRE members. It’s human nature to want to pay you back in kind.

“Being There” vs. “Being Good” There is a difference! Don’t just show up at your weekly meeting… show up early. Show up excited and motivated. Show up ready to have the best networking meeting you’ve ever had. Others will respond to your energy and will want to be around you.

Say “THANK YOU.” It’s the most important of all the qualities good networkers must have. When you receive a referral, regardless of its size or potential, make a special point of telling the giver how much you appreciate her efforts. Remember, that is all they stand to gain in the transaction. Make it worth their while to think of you often.

Give to your fellow members as soon as you become acquainted with their products/services. When you begin using members and referring them, you will find your business increasing.