A Sample Weekly Member Schedule

A sample weekly schedule created by Crystal Groves of the Gettysburg PA Chapter.


  • Program Chair emails group about upcoming speaker
  • Did you submit all your referrals for last week?


  • What is a good referral for me this week that I can say during my infomercial?


  • Secretary or President sends recap of weekly meeting
  • What is something unique I can present about my business or industry?


  • Who can I give a referral to this week based on my week activities?
  • Publicity Chair creates posts about this weeks past meeting and presenter(s)


  • Plan a 1-on-1 with a chapter member next week

This Week

  • Attend my weekly meeting
  • Share posts from my chapter colleagues social media accounts
  • RSVP to Meetup or Facebook chapter events


  • Find a category I can bring a company from each week
  • Make sure I have my chapter member business cards on me to hand out
  • Work on or update my referral profile
  • Visit another chapter without my category
  • Review other chapter members if I need a service done that is not covered in my chapter